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Safety is our first priority

Professional skin care and education are extremely important for all ages. All treatments are customized for each patient, making sure the specific needs are treated, therefore achieving maximum, professional results. Safety is our first priority, making sure there are no contraindications and that the patient is an ideal candidate for the treatment selected. We enjoy long term relationships where we are able to customize skin care as skin undergoes changes through the years. Everyone has unique skin and no two treatments are exactly alike.

Tessa Nagel is our skin care professional. She is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and is certified in laser as well as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments. As part of her contribution to our team, she works in conjunction with Dr. Malek to counsel patient’s pre and post surgery, educating them about the importance of skin care and maintenance to maximize results. She and Dr. Malek also work with non-surgical patients to enable them to postpone surgical procedures as long as possible