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Body Lift Scottsdale

A body lift procedure (also called body contouring) may be right for you if you desire body reshaping and rejuvenation in several areas, such as your torso, hips, and thighs. A body lift is often chosen after the successful loss of a massive amount of weight. A body lift procedure can help you enjoy your rebounded health and figure.

A body lift is used to reduce or eliminate excess skin from the body. The procedure entails cutting away the excess skin. Although body contouring surgery will create scars, Dr. Malek and his team are considered to be some of the top providers of the body lift Scottsdale has to offer. And, as such, Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan take care to place scars in inconspicuous locations and help patients recovery with compression wrapping and additional post-operative instructions.

The initial healing usually occurs in 10-14 days. The sutures are removed within the first 1-2 weeks. Any swelling and bruising that occurs from the body lift procedure will gradually disappear over the first 3-4 weeks.

Why Do a
Body Lift?

Your skin’s elasticity has limits. If you’ve gained a great deal of weight and then lost it, the stretch of the skin has taken a toll on the collagen and elastin, and you’re probably experiencing unwanted, unattractive loose skin that just won’t tighten up no matter what you have attempted – including exercise programs, creams, laser treatments or various other procedures. Skin elasticity declines with age and is further impacted by heavy sun exposure. Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan want you to know something can be done to give you a trimmer, slimmer body, finally free from excess loose skin.

In Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan’s skilled hands, a body lift will tighten and contour the area so that you are left without the excess skin, fat, and tissue, for a stunning transformation. The removal of the excess skin leaves your body looking fit, youthful, and aesthetic – and makes it possible for you to wear clothing you avoided in the past.

When excess skin is removed to create smoother, trimmer contours, the procedure must be performed with a high level of skill. Dr. Marc Malek is a highly experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon with Top Doctor status. He is frequently considered to be one of the top providers of the body lift Phoenix and Scottsdale have to offer. His practice is in Phoenix, and patients come from the local area and beyond for treatment at his clinic. He uses the most cutting-edge, advanced techniques, paired with an aesthetic touch to enhance and improve natural beauty.

Types of Body Lift

What a specific “body lift” may entail varies from individual to individual. The term is used loosely to refer to both upper and lower parts of the body. However, upper and lower body lifts have their own specific procedures and techniques. Some patients may need both upper and lower body lift procedures, depending upon the volume of excess skin and tissue.

Lower Body Lift: Often called a “Belt Lipectomy,” this procedure restores your contours around all or some of the abdominal area including hips, groin, outer thighs and buttocks.

Upper Body Lift: This procedure involves a skin tightening technique that could include lifting the breasts, reducing upper arm sag, and skin and tissue folds in the back area.

Are You a Good Candidate?

A body lift is a personal investment in your overall feelings of wellbeing. Life can be far more enjoyable without dealing with folds of saggy skin that you feel compelled to hide. Your skin can be tightened and sculpted to fit around your frame to give you a fitter, more youthful profile. The best candidates for our Scottsdale body lift, either upper or lower or both, are in the following condition:

  • Have reached or are close to normal weight
  • Have made the necessary dietary adjustments to maintain ideal weight
  • Have made a commitment to healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise to keep the body flexible and toned
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • In a good general state of health, and have no serious medical conditions that could complicate surgery or healing time

A body lift is intended to last for a long, long time. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to continue to enjoy the trimmer profile achieved in the procedure.

What Is Involved in a Body Lift?

The first step is a consultation to evaluate your current condition and the amount of excess skin to be removed. You will get the facts regarding incisions, healing time, and what to expect with regard to scarring. The incisions will be carefully placed in body areas that are easily concealed by clothing. In general, your procedure has four parts:

  • Anesthesia -- Intravenous or general
  • Incision patters made and excess skin removed
  • Closing the incisions with deep support sutures (self-dissolving) to tighten the skin
  • Recovery procedures geared to speed healing and maximize results

You will see immediate improvement in the trimmer, more aesthetic contours of your body, with results continuing to improve in the months ahead. So, if you are interested in improving your image, look no further than Dr. Marc Malek and Dr. Mija Khan. Considered as one of the top providers of the body lift Phoenix and Scottsdale have to offer, Dr. Malek and his team are the clear choices in reaching your cosmetic goals.

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