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Breast Reconstruction

A mastectomy can have a massive emotional, physical and psychological impact. For women who require this treatment, Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan’s breast reconstruction surgery can restore their identity, confidence and feminine form after fighting breast cancer.

Your breast cancer journey

Every woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer will have a unique experience. However, there are some commonalities that tend to remain the same throughout all breast cancer journeys. First, you will receive your diagnosis – including confirmation of a malignant lump and/or lymph node involvement – with your general surgeon. He or she will biopsy the lump and perform an MRI to detect problems with the lymph nodes. Based on the results of these tests, you will be counseled on the treatment options available to you, which will likely include a mastectomy or a lumpectomy.

If you ultimately require a mastectomy to treat your breast cancer and you know you want to undergo a reconstructive procedure, your next step is to speak with a plastic surgeon who has experience with these surgeries, like Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will review all of the options that are available and help you determine which course of action is in your best interest.

Should you get breast reconstruction surgery?

Common reasons women undergo breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy include:

  • Regain your balanced, pre-cancer breast shape
  • Fill out your clothes and swimwear
  • Feel like yourself again after cancer
  • Increase your body confidence

Dr. Khan Discusses Breast Reconstruction

The breast reconstruction process

During a mastectomy, a general surgeon removes all or some of the breast tissue to treat the disease and prevent a recurrence. This can be an extremely emotional and unsettling experience, which is why so many women turn to breast reconstruction to reclaim their bodies after cancer.

Before your mastectomy, you will meet with Dr. Malek or Dr. Khan to discuss your breast reconstruction options. They will review implant shapes, sizes and types with you and help you choose the option that will look and feel as natural as possible. Because Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan know how scary a breast cancer diagnosis can be, they will also do everything within their power to offer emotional support as you navigate this journey and ensure that your breasts are ultimately reconstructed in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Once your actual mastectomy is complete and your breast tissue has been removed, your general surgeon will place tissue expanders in your chest cavity. They will stretch the chest muscles to make room for your new implants. Over a period of several months, the expanders will be regularly inflated with saline injections. Once that process is complete, you will undergo a second procedure with Dr. Malek or Dr. Khan so that they can place your implants.

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A breast cancer diagnosis is scary and overwhelming – but you don’t have to face it alone. We invite you to schedule a consultation at Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan’s Scottsdale office today so that he can help you reclaim your life and body after treatment.

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