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Corrects Problems and Undesirable Features

Breast surgery corrects problems and undesirable features affecting a patient’s breasts, such as excessive fat, sagging skin and incorrect positioning. Dr. Malek is known for his experience and expertise performing multiple breast surgeries, including breast reductions, breast lifts and breast augmentations, among others.

Our Procedures

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Malek is experienced in providing his Scottsdale patients with safe and effective breast surgery. His expertise includes the popular breast augmentation procedure and the equally sought-after restorative breast lift procedure – with or without implants. He is also skilled in breast reduction plastic surgery for better health and an improved self-image, and breast reconstruction plastic surgery to restore your appearance and self-confidence after cancer.

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If you’re interested in having breast surgery with leading Scottsdale breast surgeon, Dr. Marc Malek, we invite you to contact our office today and schedule a consultation. During that meeting, Dr. Malek will review the procedures he offers and help you determine which one can best create the chest you want.

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