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Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Dr. Malek understands that many women prefer to maintain a natural appearance. For those seeking a modest increase in cup size without the use of implants, he suggests breast augmentation through fat transfer.

Fat transfer breast augmentation involves the gentle extraction of fat from the patient's own body, followed by purification and injection to enhance breast fullness or achieve a slight increase in cup size. Utilizing the body's own fat is deemed safe and is suitable for individuals with excess fat they wish to utilize elsewhere. This procedure demands advanced skills and precision, making Dr. Malek an excellent choice.

What Can I Expect From A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation In Scottsdale?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is performed under local anesthesia, like any other breast augmentation procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Malek will extract fat from areas with excess fatty tissue using liposuction. The areas of fat removal are typically the legs, lower back, and stomach areas, if possible. The fat is then purified and meticulously injected into the breasts through small incisions.

Compared to traditional breast augmentation, this procedure is less invasive, with results having the ability of lasting a lifetime. While most of the transferred fat remains in the breast area, a small portion may be reabsorbed by the body over time. There are many benefits to breast augmentation with fat transfer, including:

  • Subtle increase in breast volume, achieving balance
  • Enhanced self-assurance
  • Ability to wear desired clothing styles
  • Breasts with a natural look and feel

Ideal Candidates

Dr. Malek engages in thorough consultations with each patient to ascertain if fat transfer breast augmentation aligns with their expectations, providing education on the anticipated size. He proceeds only if he believe the procedure will help the patient achieve their desired appearance. Dr. Malek will thoroughly consult with you to understand your unique needs and aesthetic goals, as well as the status of your health to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery. This procedure is suitable for individuals who:

  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Are in good overall health
  • Desire a modest increase in breast size
  • Seek to address minor imperfections or irregularities in the breasts
  • Prefer to avoid implants


Preferred Plastic Surgery implements a personalized recovery regimen, enabling patients to resume light activities as early as the following day. Here is what patients can expect after fat transfer breast augmentation in Scottsdale and Phoenix:

  • Movement is feasible on the same day
  • Normal activities can typically be resumed within two weeks
  • Patients should refrain from applying pressure to the breasts
  • Some swelling and tenderness may occur in the days following the procedure, and Dr. Malek may advise against certain physical activities for a period.

Marc Malek, M.D.

Dr. Marc Malek, a double board-certified surgeon based in Scottsdale, specializes in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. With extensive experience, he is dedicated to helping patients achieve exceptional results and regain their youthful appearance. Dr. Malek and his team's expertise lies in body and breast procedures, focusing on delivering artistic outcomes. They are recognized for their achievements with numerous awards and certifications, including recognition from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and memberships in esteemed medical associations.

Operating with a commitment to high-quality care, Dr. Malek is renowned for his precise and accommodating approach to surgery. His goal is to provide patients with tailored treatments that exceed expectations. For those interested in transforming their bodies, consultations with Dr. Malek can be scheduled by contacting his office today.

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