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Breast Lift Scottsdale, AZ

What is a Breast Lift?

Women typically choose to have a breast lift surgery to restore their youthful appearance after the effects of aging and gravity have caused sagging. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and significant weight loss can also leave breasts stretched and sagging. A breast lift may help.

Our Board-certified Scottsdale plastic surgeons, Dr. Marc Malek and Dr. Mija Khan, are some of the top providers of breast lifts in Scottsdale and see hundreds of patients a year who encounter issues with sagging or drooping breasts.

As such, they understand that for many women, breasts that appear this way can be an unpleasant feature, so it is no surprise that patients seeking to reverse this condition seek options for breast lift cosmetic surgery.

A breast lift helps patients achieve a cosmetically improved appearance. Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan possess sound experience and creative skill to perform effective breast treatments. They craft results that offer aesthetically pleasing changes for women, improving their lives for the better.

Dr. Malek Discusses your Breast Lift Options

Breast Lift Before & After

Breast Lift Scottsdale Before & After
Breast Lift Scottsdale Before & After
Breast Lift Scottsdale Before & After

The Primary Goal of a Breast Lift?

One of the primary benefits of our Phoenix breast lift is that it helps reduce sagging skin. This helps to create a youthful and perky appearance of the breasts. Patients should not use a breast lift treatment as a permanent anti-aging solution, however.

The primary goal of a breast lift is to serve cosmetic needs and helps patients reverse extreme changes following significant weight loss and pregnancy.

Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan deliver to their patients among the most comprehensive breast lifts in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas.

Dr. Malek and his expert team come together to develop a unique treatment plan that will work for the individual needs of every patient. As our patient, your goals are treated as ours and we will apply the most personal and precise procedures to help you achieve them.

Best Candidates for a Scottsdale Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is effective in lifting and reshaping saggy breasts for both smaller and larger breasted patients. In some cases, smaller breasts may retain their lift results longer after a breast lift than larger breasts. This may happen because the weight of larger breasts may work against the changes made during the plastic surgery procedure.

Improving your breast shape can improve self-confidence and change how you are perceived by others. The procedure, however, does not completely change who you are and may not meet unrealistic expectations you may have.

The procedure also does not permanently change the breast shape and firmness. As time goes on, you may expect the effects of aging and gravity to continue. In these cases, a secondary breast revision surgery may be required. The best Scottsdale breast lift candidates are women who are emotionally well-adjusted, have realistic expectations and understand the breast lift procedure thoroughly.

Dr. Malek Discusses Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Scottsdale

Pregnancy After a Breast Lift

If you plan to have children in the future you may want to postpone cosmetic breast surgery until after pregnancy and after you are done breastfeeding. Pregnancy may stretch the breasts and may reduce the volume of the breasts.

Both of these factors may counter the benefits of breast lift surgery. In fact, breast skin ages over time, which may impact breast sagging and the appearance of a breast lift.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is performed by removing excess skin and tissue that has resulted from sagging in the breasts. There are various techniques to obtain a natural-looking result in a mastopexy, including three different incision types. Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Malek, works with you to decide which breast lift technique best suits your aesthetic goals. The breast lift incision may be made around the areola, around the areola and extending down to the breast folds, or as an anchor incision, which encircles the areola and extends down and around the breast fold.

A patient will first undergo anesthesia. Next, Dr. Malek or Dr. Khan will remove excess breast skin and relocate the nipple and areola to a higher position. It is also common for Dr. Malek or Dr. Khan to alter the size of the areola, which often stretches over time. Other adjustments may be made to effectively reshape the breast and achieve a natural-looking result.

For the best results in our Phoenix breast lift, Dr. Malek and Dr. Khan often perform a breast lift with a breast augmentation, to complete the reshaping of the breast.

Recovery from Breast Lift

Following breast lift surgery, patients may experience discomfort that lasts for two to three weeks. Prescription pain medications may be prescribed by Dr. Malek or Dr. Khan to make patients more comfortable during the first week of breast lift recovery.

During breast lift recovery in Phoenix, patients are required to wear a surgical bra for the first few days following surgery. This bra is then replaced with a support bandage or sports bra which is to be worn at all times for several weeks. The sutures are removed from the breasts after a week or two. Patients are normally able to return to work and light activities after about a week.

During recovery, it may take a month or more before all swelling and bruising disappears and the final breast lift results are apparent. Patients should avoid wearing underwire bras for the first month after surgery, and opt for a supportive bandage or bra at all times.

There may be some numbness in the nipples and skin after breast lift surgery, which should disappear in approximately six weeks. Breast lift surgery patients should not lift anything over their head for three to four weeks following surgery, and should avoid lifting anything heavy for four to six weeks.

If you are looking for an expert provider of the best breast lift Scottsdale has to offer, then look no further than Dr. Marc Malek and Dr. Mija Khan. Call our office today at 480.551.2040 to schedule a consultation with board certified Dr. Malek. He can evaluate your candidacy for a breast lift and help you begin to reach your aesthetic goals.

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