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"Dr. Malek was very patient with me and did not hesitate to answer my questions. I can tell he's definitely one of the good doctors in this town. He and his staff were absolute professionals in making sure my needs were met at all times. I love my breasts now, and am happy to have a doctor I can trust too!”

Stefania R.

"This is the office where I had my stomach re-shaped and the results were fantastic. Dr. Malek never rushed the treatment and took his time to make sure everything was perfect. He was informative and took my health issues into account during the treatment. I left the office knowing I have found my surgeon!”

Jamie S.

“I was dealing with lots of discomfort and pain which were because of my large breasts. I met with Dr. Malek and found the answers I was looking for. His office was great, the staff made me feel welcomed and he had amazing technology there. His bedside manners were among the best I have experienced and the treatment was not as uncomfortable or painful as I thought. I now have smaller, but more comfortable breasts thanks to his work.”

Ysinia F.

"I just had a liposuction procedure, I feel like a new person. My experience with Dr. Malek was amazing. It's good when you find a doctor who has this kind of experience. I felt the entire process go by very smooth, I had very little downtime and had the best care all the way. I can finally wear those new tight jeans that I like and feel good about the way I look. I have to give Dr. Malek and his staff a 100% positive recommendation. Thanks for everything!"

Andrea R.

"I’m neither embarrassed nor afraid anymore about how my breasts look. After the work Dr. Malek done, my confidence has shot through the roof. The doctor and his team here were informative, professional, and considerate of my unique situation. I could not be more pleased with the experience and results."

Christie F.

"Almost every part of the experience here made me a more than satisfied patient. Dr. Malek was confident that I can get the body I want. He stuck to his word and was very dedicated in getting to know my goals. He was clear, professional, and accommodating, all the ingredients of what makes a great doctor. I was impressed by my new body and am thankful for Dr. Malek."

Nancy L.

"Dr. Malek is amazing. I have been going to him for years and he has never lost a step. He is very knowledgeable of his field and works thoroughly to prefect my breast. The office staff there is always great too, they were courteous and passionate at working around my schedule. Keep up the great work!"

Danielle B.

"Dr. Malek was everything that a doctor should be. He was skillful, experienced, and passionate. I found the most passionate and genuine care at his office. He successfully recovered my confidence after his work.e. I recommend Dr. Malek to everyone."

Brenda C.

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