Blepharoplasty, more commonly called eyelid surgery, is used to rejuvenate the eye region and remove a tired or baggy eye appearance. For upper eyelids, incisions are hidden in the lid crease and excess skin is removed.

Dr. Malek utilizes newer techniques to lengthen the upper eyelid to eyebrow distance, creating a more youthful arch and shape to the eye. This technique avoids the traditional post-surgical hollowed appearance and recreates the atomically youthful eyelid and brow complex.

The convexity of the eyelid and brow complex reflects light, lending brightness to the eyes—the highlight and focal point of the face. The recovery for the eyelid surgery procedure is 1-2 days, with bruises fully dissipating after one week.

Lower eyelid surgery entails either tightening skin by removal through an invisible incision under the lower lash line or laser resurfacing if the skin is textured or finely wrinkled. Fullness of the lower eyelids due to fat herniation is addressed by removal or redistribution of the fat pads with tightening of musculature to improve lower eyelid support.

This tightening creates a firmer, more youthful appearance.

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