Breast surgery corrects problems and undesired features affecting the patients’ breasts. These can include excessive fat, sagging skin, or incorrect positioning. Dr. Malek specializes in multiple breast surgery procedures, including breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation. His treatments are complemented by his artistic focus on detail.

Patients seek a breast augmentation to reduce signs of aging and gain more firm, attractive breasts. The procedures results in increased breast volume and correction of proportion. Numerous patients choose to have this procedure to achieve a completely reshaped figure.

Women choosing breast lift seek to achieve firm and properly positioned breasts. This treatment removes excess fat, treats drooping skin, and heightens the position of the breasts. It is not to be confused with enlargement procedures. The treatment can be performed in combination with reduction and augmentation.

Breast reduction differs from augmentation in that patients who already have large breasts seek to reduce the size. Large breasts can result in discomfort, posture problems, and difficulty performing regular activities. Dr. Malek provides a safe treatment that will eliminate excess fat and skin tissue, resulting in proportionally balanced breasts that present no issue for patients.

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