Revitalize your appearance and confidence with a tummy tuck procedure performed by Dr Marc Malek and his professional Scottsdale team.

Abdominoplasty, sometimes referred to as a tummy tuck, is a rewarding procedure as it provides a smooth and flat abdominal wall. During a Scottsdale tummy tuck procedure Dr. Malek not only removes loose tissue, but also plicates both midline and oblique abdominal wall muscles, restoring a tapered waistline that years of exercise will not produce. For individuals with excess skin and lower abdominal fat, the tummy tuck procedure will be successful in removing that fold of skin and fat from the waist. The incision is made in the bikini line and hidden from view.

Patients seeking tummy tuck desire a more attractive and tighter abdomen. The procedure flattens the area, eliminating stubborn excess fat, and tightening the muscles. Dr. Malek has served the Scottsdale area for decades and provides an artistic tummy tuck experience. You can enjoy a substantial and dramatic change to your body.

Tummy tuck can achieve world class results, but it is most effective for patients in great physical condition and only looking to treat small pockets of stubborn fat. Good candidates also have realistic expectations about the treatment. It can also effectively benefit patients with loose, hanging skin.

Pregnancy can cause a woman’s skin and muscles to be stretched. The tummy tuck procedure eliminates the scars and enhances skin texture. This procedure is not recommended for women who plan to have children, because it only works best for those who are done having children.

A mini-tummy tuck is reserved for those with limited skin and fat redundancy above the pubic region. This procedure can be done through a small supra pubic incision. After a tummy tuck, you will be on bed rest for 3–4 days and walking in a bent over position for about 7 days. The total recovery time is about 4 weeks.

Tummy tuck recovery can last from two weeks to several months. After the tummy tuck procedure, it is recommended to cease any intense physical activity for at least six months. Call today to schedule your consultation and learn about the various benefits that tummy tuck can provide.

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