Recovering from a Facelift Procedure

What are the best ways to recover from a facelift procedure? Take time off work, rest, and follow your doctor’s instructions for the most successful outcome.

For the first 24 hours post-surgery, having a care-giver to assist with your needs is a must. After the first day, take it easy throughout the first week post-op. Take pain medication on schedule to control any soreness or stiffness. Keep your circulation going to speed the recovery process. Light housework or short strolls are excellent activities for this period. Follow careful incision-care instructions given by your surgeon.

During the second week after surgery, overall bruising and swelling will be reduced. If staples were utilized, they’ll be removed about one week after the procedure. During this period, continue to take things easy, and get plenty of rest, but light exercise like walking is encouraged.

From fifteen to thirty days after surgery, incisions will greatly improve, and whatever tightness or swelling remains will begin to dissipate. Going back to work and a regular exercise routine is fine for you now, as long as activities aren’t overly strenuous.

After the first month, any remaining swelling and tightness will disappear over time. You can resume all normal activities, and enjoy the end result of your procedure: a younger, more vital look, which will become more and more evident every day.